Fasting Benefits

15 LIFESTYLE Benefits of Fasting That Will Make Dieting Enjoyable


No need to prepare all your meals in 6 contains as fasting allows you to maximise your time efficiency


Cravings for junk food will be removed as snacking and eating sugar causes cravings to increase


Stay full and satisfied as fasting allows you to eat a ton of food in a small window. A feeling you never achieve with conventional dieting


It's a very adaptable approach to achieving a lean body which can be integrated into any lifestyle


Eat a higher amount of carbs as they taste great and make fat loss much more enjoyable


Mental clarity will result in you becoming way more productive. Hormones such as serotonin from eating won't make you feel lethargic


Family and social dinners are no longer obstacles. The morning fast gives you many calories to work with later in the day


You can eat right before going to bed. Allowing for great nights sleep. As with other diets, people are forced to go to bed hungry


No more bland food because you now have room for sauces and other toppings that make food taste great


You will adapt to hunger hormones so skipping a meal will no longer result in you getting very hungry


While traveling fasting is extremely beneficial as it allows you to enjoy a more flexible diet.


Freedom to focus on lifestyle as fasting is simplistic but effective and once mastered is effortless


You can eat right before going to bed. Allowing for great nights sleep. As with other diets, people are forced to go to bed hungry


No one will know your dieting there for social occasions won't result in anxiety


Simplify Everything! No end to count calories and macronutrients to achieve fat loss

The Passive Fat Loss Approach Requires Less WILLPOWER to Achieve Fat Loss

An estimation of where will-power is distributed in effort of losing fat

It's All About Willpower

We all have limited willpower and by fasting we can increase our willpower significantly. By opting out of the unnecessary practices that sap it away we now have more energy to put towards what matters further increasing results and enjoying the overall diet enabling sustainability.

Increase & Save Willpower

Intermittent fasting has the ability for you to completely cut out cardio which is the main drain of our willpower. Cardio is not necessary for fat loss. Intermittent fasting is much more effective as it takes up less willpower, it counters time consumption, counting calories, bland meals and the social impact.
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