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Maarten Schrader Passive Fat Loss Intermittent Fasting

Starting Intermittent Fasting, Maarten Schrader, Passive Fat Loss, Beginning

Maarten Schrader, Passive Fat Loss, Intermittent Fasting

Maarten Schrader hosts the Passive Fat Loss Podcast about intermittent fasting. Maarten Schrader offers an extensive course on intermittent fasting for fat loss.

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Why 90% of Diets Fail

The Passive Fat Loss Podcast is all about Intermittent fasting and Maarten Schrader hosts it.
90% of all diets fail, not because they don’t work but because they are too hard to stick to. Yet people jump diet-to-diet trying to find which one works ignoring the reason why 90% of them fail. Intermittent fasting is the most powerful fat loss tool I have ever used. This plan is designed to meet the optimum point where effort meets results. What’s the minimum effort we can apply while achieving incredible results, which will result in sustainability. So here’s the most sustainable and effective strategy to lose fat and keep it off. I use these techniques and this is not a diet but a lifestyle. Unlike all the other diets you will be able to stick to this one consistently. You want to lose fat as fast as possible while fully enjoying your diet so you are not wishing away days of your life. This diet allows you to move your diet around your work and social life, rather than moving your work and social life around dieting.

A Unique Course

I now had a program, a diet, a plan and an approach that I could stick to. This is when something really interesting happened, something really incredible happened. Because my program was requiring less effort I could now stick to it and I can tell you that consistency is the key but something even more interesting happened. Sometimes less is more, sometimes you need to learn how to do more with less to then know how to do more with more. I now had more energy, time and willpower to follow my program to really nail the things that matter. Passive Fat Loss goes against conventional thinking and applies a completely new approach to losing fat and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Join Hundreds

Iv now broke down this program and formatted it into an easy step by step process which is now accessible to everyone. The ability to replicate results is the ultimate test of a course that works. But it’s important that Passive Fat Loss clients continue to implement this approach after they reach their goals, as it may be the only diet with the ability to be maintained as a lifestyle.
Maarten Schrader has an intermittent fasting course for fat loss and hosts the Passive Fat Loss Podcast.

The Intermittent Fasting Fat Loss Course Is Designed For Those Who Struggle With Fat Loss & Is Delivered In #14 Easy to Learn Steps

Section #1: How To Make Your Bodies Transition Into Fasting Effortless

1• How Long You Should Fast as a Beginner
2• 5 Mistakes People Make When Starting Intermittent Fasting & How to Avoid Them
3• How Many Days a Week Is Optimum For Intermittent Fasting
4• The Steps to Take to Manage & Avoid Binge Eating
Maarten Schrader Passive Fat Loss Intermittent Fasting

Section #2: Meal Frequency

1• How Many Meals a Day Is Optimal For an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle
2• How Many Calories Should Be Consumed In Every Meal
3• Timing of Meals Is Important. Learn Optimal Timing For Having Your Meals
4• Learn What Percentages of Fats, Carbs & Proteins Should be Consumed In Every Meal
Maarten Schrader Passive Fat Loss Intermittent Fasting

Section #3: You Will be Able to Enjoy Your Favourite Meals on the Daily

1• Eat a Higher Carb Diet Because Carbs Taste Great
2• Eat Fewer Bland Meals as Fasting Will Allow For a Very Flexible Diet
3• Eat larger Meals That Will Keep You Satisfied For Longer
4• 1 Very Important Step That Will Allow You to Enjoy Much Higher Calorie Dinners

Section #4: Macronutrients Fats, Carbohydrates & Protein

1• Learn How Much Protein Is Necessary to Achieve a Lean Lifestyle
2• How to Allow Yourself to Enjoy a Higher Carb Diet
3• What Approach You Should Have Towards Fats to Achieve Fat Loss
4• Learn How to Eat In a Way That Will Allow You to Not Count Calories
Maarten Schrader Passive Fat Loss Intermittent Fasting

Section #5: Learn How to Manage Snacking

1• The Secret to Manage Carvings That Will Enabled You to Not Crave Sugar
2• How to Ensure Snacking Doesn’t Effluence Fat Loss Results
3• When Should Snacking be Strategically Used During your Fast to Further Increase Fat Loss
4• How to Control Hunger to Go Without Snacking to Rapidly Increase Fat Loss
Maarten Schrader Passive Fat Loss Intermittent Fasting

Section #6: How to Use Coffee to Stave off Hungry & Make Fasting Effortless

1• The Best Time to Have Coffee to Extend Your Fast Twice as Long
2• How Often to Have Coffee to Maximise Its Benefits
3• How Many Coffee’s are Optimum to Maximise Fasting Benefits & Sensitivity
4• Other Strategies to Make Fasting Effortless Using Sparkling Water etc
Maarten Schrader Passive Fat Loss Intermittent Fasting

Section #7: Take Fat Loss to the Next Level by Calculating Your Exact Calorie Needs & Intake

1• Easy Step by Step Examples to Calculating Your Calorie Needs
2• Find Your Personal Optimum Amount of Protein Needed to Maintain Muscle
3• How to Manipulate Your Macronutrients to Maximise Enjoyment & Sustainability
4• Learn What Role Fats, Carbs & Protein Play In the Process of Getting Lean
Maarten Schrader Passive Fat Loss Intermittent Fasting

Section #8: Refeed Days to Reset Your Willpower & Metabolism

1• To Speed Up Fat Loss It Is Sometimes Very Important to Eat More
2• When Should a Refeed Day be Used to Help Increase Fat Loss
3• Learn How to Not Put on Fat During a Refeed Period With 1 Important Step
4• How to Implement a Refeed Period Over Several Days Effectively
Maarten Schrader Passive Fat Loss Intermittent Fasting

Section #9: There's No Longer Any Need For Fitness to Limit Your Lifestyle

1• 3 Steps to Take Before Going Out to Ensure Fat Loss Is Not Compromised
2• How to Approach the Following Day After a Night Out to Increase Fat Loss
3• Learn What Foods are Best Taken Before a Night Out While Intermittent Fasting
4• Master Dropping Fat While Never Having to Sacrifice Social Life
Maarten Schrader Passive Fat Loss Intermittent Fasting

Section #10: Go to Bed Feeling Full Every Night to Get Great Quality Sleep

1• How to Structure Your Meals For a Great Night’s Sleep
2• What Foods are Best to be Eaten Later In the Day
3• What Carbs to Eat Before Bed
4• What Proportions of Fat, Carbs & Protein Should be Eaten Before Bed
Maarten Schrader Passive Fat Loss Intermittent Fasting

Section #11: Learn What Is the Best Form of Cardio to Get Lean

1• How Often Should Cardio be Done to Optimise Fat Loss
2• What Intensity Cardio Is Needed to Increase Fat Loss
3• How to Make Cardio Enjoyable to Avoid Destroying Willpower
4• How to Use Weight Training Instead of Cardio to Lose Fat
Maarten Schrader Passive Fat Loss Intermittent Fasting

Section #12: Use Strength Training to Rapidly Increase Fat Loss

1• Learn What Exercises are Best to Achieve a Lean Physique
2• How Often Strength Training Should be Applied Per-Week
3• How Long Should Workouts be to Maximise Fat Loss
4• What Intensity Should Workouts be Carried Out While Intermittent Fasting
Maarten Schrader Passive Fat Loss Intermittent Fasting

Section #13: What If You Break Your Fast & Need to Get Back on Track

1• Learn 5 Common Mistakes That Will Cause You to Fail
2• How to Get Back Into Intermittent Fasting After a Period Off
3• How to Analysis What Caused You to Cheat on Your Diet
4• Learn What Questions You Should be Asking Yourself to Ensure Success
Maarten Schrader Passive Fat Loss Intermittent Fasting

Section #14: Incorporating A Step Called The "Big Push"

1• A Tactic Advanced Intermittent Faster’s Can Use After Adapting to Fasting to Get Tremendous Results
2• What Day Should a Big Push Day Be Implemented While Intermittent Fasting
3• How to Increase Willpower to Do a Big Push While Intermittent Fasting
4• What You Must Know BEFORE Attempting to Do a Big Push Day
Maarten Schrader Passive Fat Loss Intermittent Fasting
The passive fat loss podcast will answer all your questions about intermittent fasting.The podcast is hosted by Maarten Schrader.

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Intermittent Fasting Passive Fat Loss Course

  • If you were given all the steps and information would you be able to coach yourself? This is the downloadable version of the course which will allow you to start today. The Passive Fat Loss Course will allow you to lose fat in the most passive way possible, consuming less of your time and effort.
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